Lego Movie: Not For Your Two Year Old


We came. We saw. We left after 45 minutes to get Johnny Rockets milkshakes and cheeseburgers. Not a movie for your 2 year old, 4 year old or 8 year old. I’m not sure who this movie is for, but it certainly wasn’t us. Any movie that starts the first scene with the word ‘butt’ [...]

Energy Adjustment


To be perfectly honest being a single mom to a two and four year old is tricky. It does get easier as the days roll on. New challenges are always introduced, but my mini circus and I have a pretty decent understanding of how to work well together. To be perfectly honest being a single [...]

shake your groove thang


Sooooo I may, or may not, have bribed Frick today. It was a fair trade; No nap for a mini photo session with my new camera. Frick is funny. He’s certainly the more mellow half of the Frick and Frack duo…but do not be fooled by his sometimes quiet and sensitive nature. Like me, my [...]

What’s happening?

photo 1

…Or…what’s happened?…hibernation mode struck again… I managed not to post once during the entire month of December..and nearly half of the month of January…sometimes I truly  amaze myself! Even more impressive…the Christmas cards that I ordered (in October) came out super cute…but are still sitting on my desk…Next year I will send them out in [...]

gobble gobble


I am thankful  for smiles and laughter..the genuine kind that makes your cheeks hurt and your abs burn.I am thankful  for the amazing people that I have in my life, who understand me, who  believe in me, who  love me, who never judge me( unless I ask them to),and who embrace my quirky sense of [...]

Goodnight, John-Boy

photo 4

My posse and I have been (partially) moved into my parent’s house for four years  I mean days…I know why the caged bird sings…haha..oh dear!  We have been trying our best to abide by the rules… it’s going to be interesting…to say the least. On a positive note, I was able to have the luxury of [...]

turtle power

photo 2

Yesterday was not exactly productive as far as moving goes but we did accomplish our goals of the a paparazzi mama, share some giggles…and find the most sensible solution for the straggler m&ms that were left from Halloween.  Naturally, the answer for the m&ms was simple… we shall surround them with cookies. The original tollhouse [...]